Time. Effort. Pace. Cadence.

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The Wedge

Aggressive progress in three heirarchical domains.

SMART Methodology


You will create a goal for your mind - a drive to learn or an otherwise focus-based goal.


You will develop a goal for your body - regarding food intake, exercise or the physical.


You will design a goal for your craft - a skill or technique in the Fire Service.

About The Wedge

Chasing change.

The Wedge is a Wellness and Fitness Initiative focused on self-improvement, discipline, organization and progress developed to embolden the mind, ready the body and toughen the spirit. 

Manage input. Manage output.

The exercise has been developed to systematically design goals in three key areas of personal development and set about achieving them within a set time frame.

At the end of the exercise, a test of physical endurance and mental dexterity will be undertaken by all willing participants.

Have a listen to Episode 146 of IgnitedFF Podcast to hear a long form conversation with Bill and Ryan on the development of The Wedge.

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Tactical Barbell

Strength & Conditioning For The Operational Athlete.

Do the Work
Divide & Fortify

You already know what to do.

When we make sure the right things are being taken in – a healthy diet, good media, useful information, lots of water – we can see the positive difference in our day to day. To perform at our highest level, we require the right fuel, both mental and physical.

When we have the right energy to spend, we can put it into the things that will benefit us. Like a physical investment, we can pay into our future by aggressively getting things done.

When our whole person is in optimal condition, we can work on our craft – the social, artistic, playful, professional. Our interpersonal circles benefit from our expression the most when we’re in order.

Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Timely.


Goals are written in each category in alignment with SMART methodology. Once clearly defined, information can be researched on the steps required to be successful.

Immediately following the development of your aim, the work begins.

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Make things better.

    About The Author

    Bill Dungey

    Over the course of seven years, I’ve learned a lot about discipline and goal-setting.

    In the earliest chapter of my adulthood, I graduated from the Social Service Worker program at Mohawk College, where I learned the fundamental skills of goal-setting and life-skill development. It wouldn’t be until much later that this theoretical understanding would be put into practice.

    I had lived an undisciplined life. Poor diet, no fitness regimen and lack of a determined aim had ultimately led to challenges of health and most of all, wasted time.

    Slowly, I started to pivot away from that lifestyle.

    Soon after, I began to find new versions of myself.

    I know, definitively, that discipline, organization and progress are not only attainable, but are elements of a systematic change anybody can make.

    It’s not easy, but worthwhile endeavors rarely are.

    I developed The Wedge to run in a private group of friends shortly before becoming a Volunteer Firefighter. I’m actively developing this project to provide a free, open-source Wellness and Fitness Initiative for any growth-minded department to use.

    To learn more about The Wedge and how your department can adopt this program, click here.